Success Stories

Allison Hall (A&S ’12)

BA in French and Political Science
Law/Social Work (JD/MSW) Dual Degree Candidate
University of Pittsburgh

“I believe that my pursuit of language and political science, and really just my exploration of the humanities generally, made me a more globally minded person than other fields of study might not have. These subjects force you to think outside of yourself as a student and create a more actively engaged community member and critically thinking individual.

“On a personal level, both the French and Arabic language skills I acquired at Pitt allowed me to connect to a wonderful global network of friends that I maintain today. From participating in an interview on French radio to my debut as an actress in French, my fondest moments throughout my travels have always involved my deep connections that have only been allowed through my French and Arabic communication skills. In my experience, the language truly has been a key to discovering the culture of a country or people.”