Success Stories

Alyssa DiLoreto (A&S ’09, CBA ’09)

BA in Italian Language and Literature | BSBA in Marketing
Certificate in Public and Professional Writing
Search Account Manager
Merkle | IMPAQT

“Initially, I pursued study in the humanities because I wanted to connect with my heritage and learn how to read and speak Italian so that I could study abroad. After a few weeks of class and learning from extremely passionate professors, I knew that studying this discipline would open my eyes to different cultures, diverse people, and a world that I didn’t know existed. I decided to pursue a writing certificate because I recognized the importance of writing in the business world, which is where I saw my career was headed.

“Choosing to study the humanities is personally satisfying, as it provides students with the chance to learn about worlds and concepts that they otherwise might never discover. These disciplines are rich in content, and their fascinating history gives you a different perspective of the world and an appreciation for all cultures. Professionally, students who study the humanities and develop strong writing and communication skills will have numerous opportunities to be successful in the working world.”