In Their Own Words

An increasing number of Pitt undergraduates—like Rebecca, Breanna, Rachel, Matthew, Karen, Ellen, and Kaley—are adding certificates, minors, and sometimes second and even third majors to their college résumés. Let them tell you why and what they’ve gained.

Breanna Durham

English Writing, Korean, Children’s Literature, and Asian Studies

“During my years at Pitt, I’ve taken classes on East Asian history, culture, and international affairs along with classes in Russian literature, children’s literature, the Korean language, and more. Officially, I only took up one minor, but I’ve taken many things crossing over many fields. It’s made me find out what I wanted to do and what I’m interested in as well as how to look at things from different angles. It gives you an edge. Studying one thing can make you have tunnel vision. I prefer dipping my toes in many areas and going deep in a few.”