Success Stories

Brittany Charsar (A&S ’13)

BS in Molecular Biology and Religious Studies | Minor in Chemistry
Certificates in African Studies and Conceptual Foundations of Medicine
MD/PhD Candidate
Thomas Jefferson University

“Medicine is truly an art, an intimate entwinement of science and emotion. Medicine stands out from other sciences because at its core is the purpose to serve people. The art in medicine is the ability to understand people and, when you fall short, having the ability to gain a new perspective from your patients’ experiences. Every physician’s interview with a patient is a snapshot into that person’s life. Every encounter with a physician is sacred and reveals the most intimate components of what makes us an individual. The confidence between patient and physician relies on a deep trust. Without studying people—how they think, how they act, the struggles they fight—you can never truly hear and understand the story of your patient. Without studying people, you never treat the patient, only the disease.

“In any profession, you will interact with people on a daily basis. As our world becomes more diverse and connected, you come into contact with more and more cultures in a single day. Without an appreciation for the world around you, you will sink in the professional setting. Studying the humanities gives you a unique perspective into the soul of humanity and the ability to connect with people on a deeper level.”