Success Stories

Evelyn McCoy (A&S ’13)

BA in Spanish and Music | Certificate in Latin American Studies

Graduate Student in Sociology
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

“I chose to pursue a Spanish major because I wanted to develop my language skills while simultaneously learning about other subjects relevant to the regions where Spanish is spoken. With how the national demographic was changing already in 2009, I knew the language would become a highly useful if not necessary skill, not just in the job market but also in our society.

“Pitt’s Department of Hispanic Languages and Literatures provided me with the fundamental base necessary to explore my interests in Latin America, travel, and successfully access documents and research materials that are available only in Spanish. Without this base and the support I received from my excellent professors, I would not have had the same undergraduate experiences that significantly shaped my future professional goals to become a researcher and sociologist.

“Often majors, minors, or certificates in the humanities are overlooked as choices in our technology- and science-geared era; however, the skills they provide remain critical to a successful career. How can we understand law if we do not understand arguments over moral discourse that stem from philosophy? How can we design technology without comprehending human desire and psychology? How can we shape politics and international policy if we do not fully understand not only our own history but also the history and culture of other countries?”