In Their Own Words

An increasing number of Pitt undergraduates—like Rebecca, Breanna, Rachel, Matthew, Karen, Ellen, and Kaley—are adding certificates, minors, and sometimes second and even third majors to their college résumés. Let them tell you why and what they’ve gained.

Kaley Kilpatrick

History of Art and Architecture, Italian Studies, Museum Studies,
Medieval and Renaissance Studies

“I transferred to Pitt as a sophomore, and I study history of art and architecture and have minors in Italian studies and museum studies. I am also working toward earning a medieval and Renaissance studies certificate. I anticipate graduating from Pitt in the spring of 2015.

"I am interested in learning how art provides unique glimpses into the lives of compassionate individuals and communities in different cultures throughout history. 

“My course of study at Pitt has positively stretched me to read more critically by examining questions from a variety of angles, to sharpen my writing skills, and to participate in exchanges of ideas in groups. I think with that foundation, I was able to effectively undertake professional and educational opportunities like interning at a couple of museums as well as traveling outside the United States to learn while being immersed in another culture. Most recently, I created a service learning project for a fellowship I received this summer to develop an art history program for elderly individuals with dementia. The experience I have had while executing this project has been most beneficial in helping me shape my vision of what I want to be in the future as I seek opportunities in the fields of museum and art education and outreach.

“I do not walk away from the topics I study feeling like I mastered a problem, but often I discover myself wrapped up in a whole new set of my own curiosities about the mysteries set forth by those topics.

“I think the communication, critical thinking, and collaboration skills that I have learned will serve as a solid base on which I can stand upon after graduating from Pitt.”