In Their Own Words

An increasing number of Pitt undergraduates—like Rebecca, Breanna, Rachel, Matthew, Karen, Ellen, and Kaley—are adding certificates, minors, and sometimes second and even third majors to their college résumés. Let them tell you why and what they’ve gained.

Karen Lue

History of Art and Architecture and Economics

“I had always been passionate about the arts, and reading and writing were my strengths in high school. I wanted to pursue a career that aligned with my personal interests and was one in which I would enjoy investing my time and efforts. I knew I wanted to study art history going into college and ultimately work in an administrative position in a museum or gallery as a curator or director, and I am still working hard toward my goal.

“Given that most of my grades apart from exams come from essays, research papers, and class participation, I have gained and improved upon my reading comprehension, writing, and speaking skills. I have learned how to set up professional correspondences in order to gain access to materials in archives. I have developed my writing abilities so that I can explain my theses in an erudite but coherent manner and have created engaging presentations while honing my public speaking skills.

“These writing and speaking skills have already helped me secure internships, and I will undoubtedly use them in my future career. Even though writing essays and research papers or preparing to lead classes or give presentations is time consuming, I always feel satisfied with what I am able to accomplish and that everything I am learning and doing is contributing directly to my career.”