Success Stories

Marlee Gallagher (A&S ’10)

BA in English Writing | Minor in German
Certificate in Public and Professional Writing
Communications and Outreach Coordinator
Wilkinsburg Community Development Corporation

“My degree in writing has made my career. Pursuing a Certificate in Public and Professional Writing in addition to my English writing major really enhanced my creative writing skills by pairing them with technical and professional writing skills. I wanted to work in the nonprofit sector, focusing on fundraising, grant writing, marketing, and public relations, so I knew that having professional writing skills was essential. I’ve been able to work for major nonprofit organizations and international companies while continuing to collaborate with fellow writers and artists on writing workshops, readings, and other creative projects.

“Degrees in the humanities teach students essential and timeless skills, such as writing, reasoning, and critical thinking, that are applicable to a variety of jobs and careers beyond writing, marketing, communications, etc. These skills are broad, and students can build upon them to suit their specific career and life goals rather than focusing on a very narrow, specific field that may not pan out.”