In Their Own Words

An increasing number of Pitt undergraduates—like Rebecca, Breanna, Rachel, Matthew, Karen, Ellen, and Kaley—are adding certificates, minors, and sometimes second and even third majors to their college résumés. Let them tell you why and what they’ve gained.

Matthew Sova

History of Art and Architecture, Anthropology, German

“I find the power of the humanities to be almost overwhelming in their ability to shape and change cultures and the lives of people who live in these cultures, and this attracted me to study these aspects.

“The humanities have had a positive impact on my life, as they enable interdisciplinary study and dialogue between all fields of study. They have improved my critical thinking skills and my ability to present important information to people with no background in these fields. My skills in research and fieldwork have also been nurtured by the humanities. My desire to work in museums and academia has been shaped largely by these experiences, which are unique to the humanities.

“A major, minor, or certificate in the humanities enables a student to be a more well-rounded, more informed individual. With the wide range of humanities, students can better understand the human aspects that dominate our world, can communicate with people in both their own culture and foreign cultures, and can understand the complexities of living in a postcolonial contemporary world. They can apply these skills to any field, be it scientific, medical, business, or the humanities.”