Success Stories

Noah Levinson (A&S ’12)

BPhil English Writing and Film Studies
Content Strategist
Big Spaceship

“Even though my family comes from a scientific background, I love to study the cultural objects that humanity creates from absolutely nothing. And the humanities allow for so much diversity. Starting in classes like Madness and Madmen in Russian Culture and finishing with a Bachelor of Philosophy degree in Internet culture, I’m pretty happy with where my humanities trek took me.

“Coming out of school into a tough job market with a humanities degree was, how to put this lightly, terrifying. But there are so many applicable uses to the degree that I just didn’t know about. Beginning in psychology and literature to film studies to writing to Internet anthropology, I picked up unique, valuable skills in every single subject. All those knowledge areas connect, and it’s that connection that really helps you along the way as a person.”