Success Stories

Noelle Howard (A&S ’10)

BA in English Writing and Political Science
Certificate in Public and Professional Writing
Marketing Communications Specialist
Federated Investors

I believe my schooling within the humanities helped me to better understand other human beings, empathizing and sympathizing with their experiences and points of view. I learned how to fully develop an argument, critically read and comprehend, and write and communicate efficiently. All of these skills not only influence my personal life on a daily basis but also help me excel in my career, as I write, edit, and communicate with others in the workplace every day. I feel that my double major and certificate in humanities set me apart from my peers, and my experiences in those classes will never leave me.

“In a sea of business majors, humanities majors often stick out in the workplace due to their creativity and distinct point of view. The need to write and communicate effectively and efficiently is extremely valuable in any career, and these skills can set students apart from their coworkers.”