In Their Own Words

An increasing number of Pitt undergraduates—like Rebecca, Breanna, Rachel, Matthew, Karen, Ellen, and Kaley—are adding certificates, minors, and sometimes second and even third majors to their college résumés. Let them tell you why and what they’ve gained.

Rachel Lehman-Merrick

Studio Arts and Physics

“Art has always had a pull on me. I started drawing at a very young age and used it as a way to keep myself occupied and engaged with something. It was one of my favorite classes consistently through junior high and up into high school, which made me consider it as a major option when applying to colleges.

“I think the studio arts program offers students a chance to improve upon useful and relevant skills such as time management, craftsmanship, and resourcefulness. Doing a job and doing it well (generally) results in one’s being able to get promotions, higher wages, more meaningful work, or even a better job from the start.

“Some of my better projects were the result of having to change my plan—in a work environment, being able to cope with whatever situation is thrown at someone makes him or her a more valuable employee. Being able to make something work, or being able to not get flustered or caught off guard, is a useful skill in the real world, where nothing ever goes according to plan.”